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Halloween Decorations That’ll Take Your Breath Away

Do you get a kick out of seeing your neighbours’ horrified faces? Good. In our 2018 stores you’ll find all the Halloween decorations you’ll need to give the perfect Halloween scare. Get the scream amplifier roaring. Display animatronics straight out of a horror movie, and Halloween decorations that will get your house looking awesomely supernatural.

We have THE best Halloween animatronics and decor across Canada And Australia

See the invisible, expect the unexpected! We’ll hand-pick the best Halloween decorations and animatronics for your next Halloween party. Go ahead, run wild, and don’t forget to ask if you need a hand (heh). Our friendly store (g)hosts will help you find the best Halloween decorations (in)humanly possible . Everything from cackling witches to ghastly ghouls. Skeletons, hanging phantoms, haunted dolls, the list of impressive Halloween decorations is endless.

Halloween Alley will be ready to spook you in our 2018 Halloween stores across Canada and Australia from Hamilton, Ontario to Melbourne, Victoria!


No one returns without a scream-worthy costume from Halloween Alley. Every year, our stores always have everything you need to make your Halloween scary, sexy, bloody or cute!

Stop by your neighbourhood Halloween store for even more costumes!