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We Bring The Best Halloween Costumes To Canada And Australia

Love Halloween? So do we! In fact we love Halloween so much, we celebrate it year-round, with our community of fellow Halloween enthusiasts. We bring the best Halloween costumes to Canada, and even as far as Australia. We Celebrate Life. Halloween Style!™

Halloween Alley® is Canada’s largest independently-owned Halloween retailer, with Halloween stores across Canada, that open every Halloween. We are proud to bring Halloween cheer to our communities because that’s where we live.

We’re looking to make Halloween 2018 the best Halloween you’ve ever experienced. The best Halloween costumes? We’ll have that. Halloween decorations, Halloween accessories? We’ll have those, too! Are you as excited as we are?

We are your HauntQuarters for everything Halloween™

We’re a tightly-knit family of Halloween lovers in your community. We want to help you look your best for Halloween. When we open up in 2018, take a stroll down Halloween Alley® where you’ll find everything Halloween! Our scary… er, friendly store (g)hosts are always happy to share their Halloween expertise, and lend a hand (sometimes literally) to help you with the look you dare to go for.

We’re more than just your local Halloween store with the best Halloween costumes in Canada and Australia. We want to give back to our communities. We are an independently-owned retailer, so we live where we work. Check out our Halloween events throughout the Halloween season, where you’ll see us hold fundraisers, community events and more.

We are a friends and family company, where our employees, managers and customers are our aunts, co-workers, neighbours and friends-of-friends… we are a community! Your Halloween community, right in your city. Looking to join the community and open your very own Halloween store in Canada as one of our 2018 dealer operators? Get in touch.

Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for the latest Halloween news. We’ll supply the cool photos, contests and tricks; you’ll get a treat.

Your favourite Halloween stores, near and far, are preparing for a great Halloween 2018, from all around Canada to cities in Australia!

We can’t wait to share our best Halloween costume ideas, spooky Halloween decorations and general Halloween cheer with you when we open our 2018 Halloween stores! Promise you’ll come say Hi? We won’t bite…