Become a Halloween Store Dealer Operator

How It Works

  • Halloween Alley® pays the Dealer Operator a percentage of the sales.
  • Halloween Alley® pays for all freight in and out, during the season.
  • Halloween Alley® negotiates the lease with the landlord.
  • Halloween Alley® purchases and supplies all fixtures.
  • Halloween Alley® will work with the Dealer Operator to select an 8,000-17,000 sq ft location and sign the temporary lease site by August.
  • Halloween Alley® is responsible for the lease and insurance payments.
  • Halloween Alley® will supply the Dealer Operator with over 4,500 individual items that include costumes, wigs, masks, props, make up and so much more.
  • Halloween Alley® will supply the Dealer Operator with Point-of-Sale terminals.
  • Halloween Alley® only looks for Dealer Operator in markets where we do not have existing stores or a Dealer Operator.
  • The Dealer Operator operates under the Halloween Alley® name and must act in accordance with our marketing and basic merchandising theories.
  • The Dealer Operator controls their own expenses and is responsible for hiring and training of all employees who are necessary for the operations of the Dealer Business.
  • Dealer Operator will attend a 3-4-day training session at our Edmonton corporate office/Retail store in late July at Halloween Alley® expense.
  • The Dealer Operator is responsible for the store set-up and the end of season inventory pack-up.
  • Dealer Operator must work a minimum 50 hours per week in their store.
  • Dealer Operator must have access to a minimum $10,000 in liquid assets.
  • The retail selling season is approximately 8-9 weeks with the store set-up starting in mid-August, store opening 11 days from possession date, and at the end of the season any merchandise not sold is returned to Halloween Alley®.
  • There is a simple contract to be signed by both parties.

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