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Find unique Halloween costumes in one of our Halloween stores in 2018!

Great news! For Halloween 2018, we plans to have a wide range of Halloween products — from womens’ costumes to Halloween costumes for men, kids, pets, and more! We’ll have thousands of items – the ones you see here only scrape the tip of the tombstone! When we open our amazing Halloween stores for the 2018 season, our store (g)hosts will be more than happy to lend a helping hand – perhaps literally…

Check out some Halloween costumes ideas below to start planning your perfect Halloween costume for Halloween 2018.


No one returns without a scream-worthy costume from Halloween Alley. Every year, our stores have everything you need to make your Halloween scary, sexy, bloody or cute! Once we open for 2018, be sure to stop by your neighbourhood Halloween store for even more adults, pet and kids costumes – we don’t bite!