Halloween Horror Stories For Camping Trips

Ghosts, demons and stories from the dead…what are your favourite Halloween horror stories?

When it comes to telling spooky stories, it’s all about location, location, location. If you are outdoors, stories of monsters, criminals and dangerous animals work a treat. If you’re in your home, tell stories of ghosts that haunt the building and the mischief they get up to. Opt for stories of demons and ghouls if you are in a building nobody knows very well. That is a surefire way to make everyone feel uneasy.

Around The Campfire

Ever thought to bring props to your storytelling campfire? Tell the story of the person who was sure aliens had abducted him and planted something inside his brain. He begins complaining of eye ache, then BAM, their eyeball comes flying out. That hidden eyeball prop will go down a charm! Or maybe place a fake hand up your sleeve as you tell your story, encourage everyone to hold hands, just as somebody goes to hold yours, let go of the hand piece and watch your friend’s reaction as they pull your limb off.

Perhaps real life stories are more terrifying than ghosts, monsters and demons combined. Hearing tales of the Bermuda Triangle or Jack The Ripper can really give you the chills. Imagine if there was truth behind many of the conspiracy theories out there? Surely the idea of the Illuminati all being real is enough to creep out the hardest of people.

We at Halloween Alley are used to the creepy and gruesome so no longer scare easily but we invite you to try and spook us. Share your best horror stories with us on Facebook!