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Halloween store in Kingston

Our Halloween store is now closed. Come find Halloween costumes next year when we reopen.

We won’t have a Halloween store open in 2017 – but keep your eyes open! We have many more halloween shops throughout Canada, and this store just might be open for Halloween 2018…

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Find “the one” – your perfect Halloween costume that is – at our Kingston costume shop! We have costumes for the entire family, from men’s and women’s costumes to costumes for kids and pets. We’re looking forward to having an awesome Halloween season and can’t wait to celebrate with you and yours.

Looking for a specific Halloween costume?

Sexy, scary, bloody or cute, we have the perfect Halloween costume for you. We stock the hottest Halloween costumes for your entire family, including your pet! Come to our halloween store in Kingston, where our knowledgeable staff will be able to give you guidance on how to bring out the best in your Halloween costume.

Our Halloween store back in 2017