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Our 2018 Store

Halloween store in Moose Jaw

Our spooky Halloween store in Moose Jaw is closed for the season.

Looking for an amazing Halloween costume? Visit us again for Halloween 2018!

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With the largest selection of costumes and Halloween decorations, Halloween Alley® is your source for the best the Halloween season has to offer. Looking for clever Halloween costumes? Stop by our Halloween store for a unique costume that will start conversations anywhere you go, or pick up one of our scary Halloween costumes that are so terrifying you’ll give your friends nightmares! Whether you’re looking for Halloween costume ideas for men, women, children or even your pets, our knowledgeable store (g)host are in store to lend a hand (sometimes literally), making sure you have the perfect Halloween. Happy Haunting, Moose Jaw! Until next year!

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2 days ago

Halloween Alley HQ

Last one! If 31 of you get today's question right, we'll begin unveiling our 2018 store locations tomorrow. Time to get guessing! ...

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3 days ago

Halloween Alley HQ

Did you know Hocus Pocus turned 25 last month!?😱 ...

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4 days ago

Halloween Alley HQ

What's your guess?🦇🐀🕷️ ...

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