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Halloween Makeup

The key to a great Halloween costume is a good foundation. In this case, we take it quite literally! We have a great selection of Halloween makeup for you to craft the perfect look. Wrinkles, bloody scars, or pale skin — we’ve got the tools to let your imagination run wild. Look for your favourite brands of Halloween prosthetics at our Halloween stores.

We’ve got the best Halloween makeup and products in our Halloween stores across Canada. A unique Halloween costume deserves a makeover that’s just as special! As our friendly store (g)hosts for tips on how to apply Halloween makeup — we’re more than willing to lend you a hand!

Go Crazy for Halloween

Get creative with Halloween makeup this year! There’s no such thing as “going too crazy” when it comes to customizing your Halloween costume. We’re here to help make your Halloween dreams come true! Nasty scars on your skin, sickly veins all over your pale skin, a glasgow smile to round off an insane smile — let’s make it happen!

Experience Halloween