Halloween Animatronics

When regular Halloween decorations just don’t cut it — you need an animatronic for a good Halloween scare. These props move, crawl, fly, flutter, howl and scream — all to get a good reaction from your Halloween guests and trick or treaters.

For your next Halloween party — you need to have a good animatronic to get a good scare from your friends. It’s just too good of an opportunity to pass up!

Make ‘Em Scream!

Are your neighbours used to your yearly Halloween shenanigans? Looks like they need a little surprise. Make them scream like babies with moving zombies, crawling spiders, cackling witches and more — everything will be available at your local Halloween Alley® store!

As the largest Canadian Halloween store, we always stock the best Halloween animatronics you can get in North America. Whether you’re looking for a moving skeleton or a limping zombie — you’ll soon have an army of animatronic ghouls at your command!

Your favourite Halloween store is getting ready to spook you in 2017!

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